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Rudy Tabootie's a regular kid with a very special possession: a magical piece of chalk that lets him enter ChalkZone... See full summary »

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Mar 22/02Season 01 Episode 01 - Rudy's First Adventure/Rudy's Story/Bushel Full of Yum Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 06 - The Thing You Drew/That Sinking Feeling/Insect Aside
Dec 31/69Season 01 Episode 02 - Snapmobile/Rudy's First Date/Future Zone/Mumbo Jumbo Jump Mar 12/04 Season 03, Episode 07 - Let's Twister Again/The Legend of the Golden Worms
Dec 31/69Season 01 Episode 03 - French Fry Falls/Amazin' River/Gift Adrfit/Escucha mi corazón Jun 30/04 Season 03, Episode 08 - Double Trouble
Apr 05/02Season 01 Episode 04 - Skrawl, The/Pie Day/Secret Passages Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 09 - Indecent Exposure/My Big Fat Chalk Wedding/Rap-A-Present/Greetings from Greenl
Dec 31/69Season 01 Episode 05 - Snap Out of Water/Two Left Feet/Rudus Tabootus/All Day Jam Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 10 - Shrawl's Brain/Big Loo/Duck Snap Duck/The Happiest Song in the World
Dec 31/69Season 01 Episode 06 - The Wiggles/Rapunzel/Hair to Stay/Coming to Life Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 11 - Mother Tongue/Going Eyeballistic/The Ballad of Toe Fu/Golden Thumb
May 30/03Season 02 Episode 01 - Hole in the Wall/The Terrible 2 and a Halfs Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 12 - The Smudges/Tiny Pirate Problem/Curse of the Werefrog/Magic Carpet Ride
Jun 06/03Season 02 Episode 02 - Disappearing Act/Portable Portal Aug 06/04 Season 03, Episode 13 - The Big Blow Up
Dec 31/69Season 02 Episode 03 - Waste Mountain/Madcap Snap/What's My Line/Putting on the Dog Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 14 - Howdy Rudy/Attack of the Rudisaurus/The Really Big Talent Search/Livin'
Jun 20/03Season 02 Episode 04 - Pop Goes the Balloon/Snap Builds His Dream House Dec 31/69 Season 03, Episode 15 - When Santas Collide
Dec 31/69Season 02 Episode 05 - Smooch, The/Power Play Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 01 - Purple Haze/No Place Like Home/Disaster Park/I Need a Song
Dec 31/69Season 02 Episode 06 - The Smooch/Power Play/All the Way to the Top Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 02 - Do the Twitch/Day of the Living Mall/Bulky Blocky/Piece of Cake
Oct 26/03Season 02 Episode 07 - Pumpkin Love/Snap's Nightmare Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 03 - School of Destruction/Family Von Snap/Knight Plight/Earthmover
Dec 31/69Season 03 Episode 01 - Chalk Queen/Cleo's Secret/Snap's Wishy Washout/Chucky Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 04 - Disarmed Rudy/Poison Pen Letter/The Label Police/Too Much to Do
Dec 31/69Season 03 Episode 02 - Draw and Let Draq/The Towering Wilter/Snapsheebah/Flashlight Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 05 - The Crush/The Gift of Good Intentions/Snapshots II/Go Pop
Dec 31/69Season 03 Episode 03 - Taffy/Follow the Bouncing Bag/Nighty Note/Dream a Lotta Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 06 - The Quicksand Man/Vampire Cannibals in New York/Killer Breath/Time to Go Home
Dec 31/69Season 03 Episode 04 - Lost in Chalk/Asleep at the Chalk/If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'E Dec 31/69 Season 04, Episode 07 - Darkness Rain/Failure Zone/The Scent of Stupidity/Snap-A-Snap
Dec 31/69Season 03 Episode 05 - Water, Water Everywere/RV Having Fun Yet?/The Doofi/Lollypoppian Rhapsody 

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