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Watch The Bill Cosby Show TV Series Online

The Bill Cosby Show aired for two seasons on NBC, 1969-70 and 1970-71. There were 52 episodes made in the series. In this lighthearted comedy, Bill Cosby played the role of Chet Kincaid, physical education teacher at a Los Angeles high school. The Chet Kincaid character was a bachelor, an average cool guy trying to earn a living, and help people out along the way. Many of the episodes involved Chet in various situations at the high school with his students and fellow teachers. In some episodes, Chet was asked to substitute, and fill in as algebra or english teacher. In one hilarious episode, Chet was the drivers ed instructor trying to teach a nervous student how to drive. Other episodes involved younger children, and some episodes involved family and adult characters. Different guest stars also appeared in various episodes thruout the series. The shows theme song- "Hikky Burr" was written by Bill Cosby and Quincy Jones with Cosby providing the vocals. The lyrics were hard to comprehend, but the song had a groovy tune and funky beat. For the second season, a more uptempo and jazzy version of the song was used. The show was entertaining, and did not use a laugh track, which is unique. The Bill Cosby Show was not your average, laugh-out-loud type of sitcom. The episodes were humorous, but the show emphasized warmth, intelligent character studies and plausible, real life situations. The plot of many episodes centered around a lesson in life learned, which was explained in the classic Cosby style.

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Sep 14/69Season 01 Episode 01 - The Fatal Phone Call Sep 13/70 Season 02, Episode 01 - Any Time You're Ready, CK
Sep 21/69Season 01 Episode 02 - Lullaby and Goodnight Sep 20/70 Season 02, Episode 02 - Open House
Sep 28/69Season 01 Episode 03 - The Best Hook Shot in the World Sep 27/70 Season 02, Episode 03 - Is There a Doctor in the Hospital?
Oct 05/69Season 01 Episode 04 - A Girl Named Punkin Oct 04/70 Season 02, Episode 04 - There Must Be a Party
Oct 12/69Season 01 Episode 05 - Rules Is Rules Oct 11/70 Season 02, Episode 05 - The Old Man of 4-C
Oct 26/69Season 01 Episode 06 - Let X Equal a Lousy Weekend Oct 18/70 Season 02, Episode 06 - The Lincoln Letter
Nov 02/69Season 01 Episode 07 - To Kincaid, with Love Oct 25/70 Season 02, Episode 07 - The Runaways
Nov 09/69Season 01 Episode 08 - The Killer Instinct Nov 01/70 Season 02, Episode 08 - The Artist
Nov 16/69Season 01 Episode 09 - The Substitute Nov 08/70 Season 02, Episode 09 - The March of the Antelopes
Nov 23/69Season 01 Episode 10 - Brotherly Love Nov 15/70 Season 02, Episode 10 - The Deluge: Part 1
Nov 30/69Season 01 Episode 11 - Going the Route Nov 22/70 Season 02, Episode 11 - The Deluge: Part 2
Dec 07/69Season 01 Episode 12 - A Word from Our Sponsor Dec 13/70 Season 02, Episode 12 - Swann's Way
Dec 21/69Season 01 Episode 13 - A Christmas Ballad Dec 20/70 Season 02, Episode 13 - The Poet
Dec 28/69Season 01 Episode 14 - Home Remedy Dec 27/70 Season 02, Episode 14 - Teacher of the Year
Jan 04/70Season 01 Episode 15 - Growing, Growing, Grown Jan 03/71 Season 02, Episode 15 - To Each According to His Appetite
Jan 11/70Season 01 Episode 16 - The Elevator Doesn't Stop Here Anymore Jan 10/71 Season 02, Episode 16 - Viva Ortega
Jan 18/70Season 01 Episode 17 - Lover's Quarrel Jan 17/71 Season 02, Episode 17 - The Miraculous Martin
Jan 25/70Season 01 Episode 18 - The Worst Crook That Ever Lived Jan 24/71 Season 02, Episode 18 - The Sesame Street Rumble
Feb 01/70Season 01 Episode 19 - The Gumball Incident Jan 31/71 Season 02, Episode 19 - The Generation Gap
Feb 08/70Season 01 Episode 20 - Goodbye, Cruel World Feb 07/71 Season 02, Episode 20 - Tobacco Road
Feb 15/70Season 01 Episode 21 - Driven to Distraction Feb 14/71 Season 02, Episode 21 - A Dirty Business
Mar 01/70Season 01 Episode 22 - Blind Date Feb 21/71 Season 02, Episode 22 - The Barber Shop
Mar 08/70Season 01 Episode 23 - How You Play the Game Feb 28/71 Season 02, Episode 23 - The Power of a Tree
Mar 22/70Season 01 Episode 24 - The Return of Big Bad Bubba Bronson Mar 07/71 Season 02, Episode 24 - The Green-Eyed Monster
Mar 29/70Season 01 Episode 25 - This Mouth Is Rated X Mar 14/71 Season 02, Episode 25 - The Long Road Back
Apr 05/70Season 01 Episode 26 - Really Cool Mar 21/71 Season 02, Episode 26 - The Saturday Game

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