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Watch Unexplained Mysteries Online Free

Watch Unexplained Mysteries TV Series Online

Unexplained Mysteries takes us on a quest of weekly paranormal encounters. They'll be interviews from people who have experienced everything from crop circles to UFO's to near-death experiences. Unexplained Mysteries takes us beyond our imaginations and explores those ancient riddles that we've been questioning.

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Feb 09/16Season 01 Episode 02 - Psychic Crime Solver Sep 07/01 Season 02, Episode 01 - Pearl Harbor: Day of Infamy... or Deceit?/Butch Cassidy: Was He the Smartest
Feb 09/16Season 01 Episode 03 - America's Most Haunted Sep 14/01 Season 02, Episode 02 - Lincoln Assassination: Who Really Killed President Lincoln?/Walls of Jericho:
Sep 15/00Season 01 Episode 04 - Shroud of Turin: Is It the Burial Cloth of Jesus? Sep 21/01 Season 02, Episode 03 - Ancient Discoveries: What Did Ancient Inventors Know?/What New Findings Are i
Sep 29/00Season 01 Episode 05 - Crop Circles: Secret Messages from Crop Circles? Sep 28/01 Season 02, Episode 05 - Did Moses Part the Red Sea?/Who Are the Super Brain Kids?
Oct 06/00Season 01 Episode 06 - Prayer Intervention: Is There Really Power in Prayer? Oct 05/01 Season 02, Episode 06 - Moses' Red Sea Miracle: Did Moses Part the Red Sea?/Super Brain Kids: Are Th
Oct 13/00Season 01 Episode 07 - Area 51 Base: Is Area 51 America's Hidden Spaceport? Oct 19/01 Season 02, Episode 07 - Sodom and Gomorrah: Did God Destroy the Cities of Sin?/The Dark Ages: What C
Oct 27/00Season 01 Episode 08 - Biblical End Times: Are End Time Warnings True? Nov 02/01 Season 02, Episode 08 - Princess Diana: Who Killed Princess Di?/The Rapture: Will We Be Left Behind?
Nov 03/00Season 01 Episode 09 - Easter Island: What's So Mysterious About Easter Island? Nov 09/01 Season 02, Episode 09 - Who Killed Kennedy?/Was There a Miracle at Fatima?
Nov 10/00Season 01 Episode 10 - Ark of the Covenant: The Golden Ark with Incredible Power? Nov 16/01 Season 02, Episode 10 - What Were the Phoenix Lights?/Was There a Noah's Flood?
Nov 17/00Season 01 Episode 11 - Oak Island: Mysterious Treasure on Oak Island? Nov 30/01 Season 02, Episode 11 - Biblical Flood: Was There a Noah's Flood?/UFO Flyovers: What Are the Lights
Nov 24/00Season 01 Episode 12 - Biblical Adam and Eve: Adam and Eve - Fact or Fiction? Jan 11/02 Season 02, Episode 12 - Prisoners of War: Where Are the POWs?/Jesus Christ: Did Jesus Walk the Eart
Dec 01/00Season 01 Episode 13 - Kecksburg UFO Crash: What Really Happened at Kecksburg? Jan 18/02 Season 02, Episode 13 - Dinosaur Extinction: What Killed the Dinosaurs?/Biblical Treasures: Where A
Jan 05/01Season 01 Episode 15 - Jesus' Birth: Is the Miracle of Christmas True? Feb 01/02 Season 02, Episode 14 - Egyptian Sphinx: What's Under the Ancient Sphinx?/Tower of Babel: Did God D
Jan 19/01Season 01 Episode 16 - Ancient Anasazis: What Really Happened at Mesa Verde? Feb 17/02 Season 02, Episode 17 - Did We Really Land a Man on the Moon?/Who Wrote the Bible?
Jan 26/01Season 01 Episode 17 - Medical Mysteries: Did Ancient Doctors Know More? Feb 17/02 Season 02, Episode 18 - Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?/Mary Magdelene: Saint or Sinner?
Feb 02/01Season 01 Episode 18 - Custer's Last Stand: What Really Happened at the Little Big Horn? Mar 24/02 Season 02, Episode 19 - Teamster's Mogul Murder: Who Really Killed Jimmy Hoffa?/Mary Magdalene: Was
Dec 31/69Season 01 Episode 19 - The Monster Show Jun 07/02 Season 02, Episode 20 - Self-Igniting Bodies: Does Spontaneous Human Combustion Really Exist?/King T
Feb 16/01Season 01 Episode 20 - Mysterious Dolphins: Are Dolphins Smarter Than Us? Jun 14/02 Season 02, Episode 21 - America's Aviation Heroine: What Happened to Aviator Amelia Earhart?/Terrori
Feb 16/01Season 01 Episode 21 - Six Day War: Was the Sixth Day War a Miracle? Jul 21/02 Season 02, Episode 22 - Global Climate Changes: Will Global Warming Change Our Lives?/Biblical Parad
Feb 23/01Season 01 Episode 22 - Jesus' Silent Years: Where Was Jesus All Those Years? Jul 05/02 Season 02, Episode 24 - Has the Lost Colony of Roanoke Been Found?/Are the End Times Here?
Apr 27/01Season 01 Episode 24 - Martian Civilizations: What's Really on Mars? Jul 19/02 Season 02, Episode 26 - Deadly Insects: Are We Creating Killer Insects?/Fields of Mystery: Are Crop
May 04/01Season 01 Episode 26 - Bigfoot Sightings: Real Monster or Urban Legend? Aug 07/02 Season 02, Episode 27 - Political Victim: Vince Foster - Suicide or Political Execution?/Attack on A

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